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17 juillet 2011

left in the dark

voilà la musique qui m'accompagne...

je suis archifan que cette femme-là...


Where did she touch you,
How did if feel,
Why did you let it begin
What did she whisper and
What did it mean, and
Where do you think it will end?
How long did it last
Do you think it will stop
Did you get to try anything...new
How good was she - honestly
Where did you go and
Who made the very first move, who made the very first move,
Who made the very first move..

You don't have to sneak in the door
Just come on into the room
I've been lying in our bed in the dark all alone
And I've been waiting, I've been waiting for you...


moi c'est Hiromi à l'instant, une découverte :

Écrit par : ehret | 17 juillet 2011

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